Pride in Process

Common Mfg exists as a reimagining of apparel manufacture. CMFG is intentionally product-focused over brand-focused. Said another way, the hype belongs to thorough craftsmanship, not hollow branding.

These shirts are created to be more than just another disposable item. Each product is designed to be simple, classic and enduring, so you can freely bypass the fads.

The whole ambition is to create a better process, resulting in a more authentic product. As a counter to veiled offshore production, CMFG manufactures in a local, transparent and diligent manner.

The Story

The most engaging stories are usually the ones you find behind the story. This is certainly the case with the apparel industry. Whether the story is in the raw materials, the construction, the machines or the creators themselves, there is a lot going on. Not only is there complexity and depth to the garment world, but it is largely kept below the waterline (too often for good reason). In reaction to that, CMFG was borne to create a better story, to celebrate maker and process alike.

My own interest in the realm of clothing began in 2011. I took an opportunity in a university social ethics class to delve into consumer fashion trends. I was moved by the complete lack of corporate social responsibility and began purging my wardrobe of these labels. I started learning as much as I could about the existing industry as well as the skill of garment making. Noticing a real deficit of collared shirts in my own wardrobe, I started sewing with the not-so-simple task of making myself a few good shirts. Not the easy task I imagined, my closet began filling with many ill-fitting and discouraging creations. After a full ten months, I proudly made my first half-decent collared shirt!

By this point I was completely fixated with apparel construction and started thinking entrepreneurial thoughts. I then took two trips, first to NY and then to SF. The idea was to travel to these cities, with already thriving maker scenes, and pick the brains of as many local producers as possible. A handful of kind souls opened their doors and shared their stories, giving me insights and skills that I would have been at a real loss without. Soon afterwards, I bought five industrial sewing machines and began to set up shop in Winnipeg's historic garment district. 

In April of 2015, the first CMFG shirt was sold.



The CMFG space encompasses the entire process, from design to construction to consumer. I consider it a huge privilege to see a garment evolve from initial concept to completion. Technical and creative elements come together to make this a place for innovation and responsible production.



I cling to classic silhouttes or variations of; oxfords, work shirts, flannels, etc. The aim is enduring design, incorporating superior fabric with superior construction. The standard fit is slim casual, with a bit more length in the torso and sleeves. Subtle details are incorporated with no obvious logo branding.



Being a product-focused company (versus brand-focused) means superior materials are a must. Our fabric is sourced from reputable mills utilizing natural fibres only. Our buttons are from Japan (Iris Ltd.) and our thread is from Montreal, QC (Cansew).



The idea is to close the gap between process and consumer. Transparency means you have the right to see where and know how your clothes are made. Shop visitations encouraged. Goods are sold online or at the shop (290 McDermot Ave, 4th floor).



TRANSPARENCY: Every CMFG garment is produced by a small team of sewers, paid fairly above minimum wage. Specific information is available on each product, with openness regarding the origin and acquisition of raw materials. The work space itself is open to public visitations, by appointment.

BENEVOLENCE: We believe the creation of apparel should be beneficial to producer, product, environment and consumer alike. Makers should be held in high regard. Poverty wages are unacceptable. All practices should benefit and style and durability of each product. All products made exclusively from all natural fibres.

DUE DILIGENCE: Whether it is superior materials, thorough sewing techniques or thoughtful design, due diligence is the common denominator.

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